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Edwins Run for Re-Entry 5k

EDWINS RE-ENTRY RUN Join us on October 23, 2016 as we support EDWINS Run for Re-Entry 5K and Walk 1K! This community event will have something for just about everyone!  Food, drink and good music.  Even if you don’t plan on officially participating in the 5K Re-Entry un or the 1k walk,  join us on […]

A Reflection: Visit the Imprisoned

The Fourth Corporal Work of Mercy – Visit the Imprisoned This reflection is from the St. Thomas More Parish bulletin.  We are twice blessed.  First with clear teachings from God with respect to the incarcerated, and also through the life of Deacon Marty Thiel.   As we continue our Lenten journey, we come to the […]

Reentry Information Series

Edwins-Reentry Feature

Reentry Information Series     This multi-week Lenten informational series looks to cover many of the challenges facing citizens reentering society after an incarceration.   You do not need to attend the church service to participate in the information series, although you’re more than welcome to do so!   We hope to see you there.  It looks to be […]

Supporting the Second Chance Act

Supporting the Second Chance Act is something everyone in prison ministry needs to consider. We generally try to steer clear of politics, but sometimes I bend the rules and this is one of those cases. The Second Chance Act was enacted in 2008 and provided funds to organizations assisting with the reintegration of those who […]