Death Penalty

The US Catholic Bishops stand against the death penalty and capital punishment is not new.  In 1974, in recognition of the growing culture of death in the US, the Bishops by a large majority voted to declare its opposition to the death penalty.  Their 1980 statement on capital punishment details their position.

We are called by Pope Paul II to be “unconditionally pro-life” and to respect the dignity of all persons.  To learn more about the Churches position on this important topic, visit the US Conference of Bishops Issues and Actions web page on Human Life and Dignity.   In addition to information for personal reflection, there are also handouts and study guides for parish discussions.

Catholic Mobilizing Network
National Organization to abolish the death penalty

Center on Wrongful Convictions
Based at the Northwestern University’s School of Law, it is dedicated to identifying and rectifying wrongful convictions and other miscarriages of justice.

Death Penalty Focus
National organization fighting against the death penalty

Death Penalty Information Center
Similar to Death Penalty Focus

Families Against Mandatory Minimums
Their name says it all.

Murder Victims Families for Reconciliation
A national anti-capital punishment organization comprised of families of murder victims.

Witness to Innocence
A national group that uses former death penalty exonerees to oppose the death penalty.

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