White Collar Crime Sentencing

Those found guilty of White Collar Crime are usually incarcerated in the Federal Prison System which we don’t serve directly.  However many from our parish family are serving time for these crimes so following the sentencing conversation on white collar crime is worth at least some of our time.  The article below originally appeared on […]

Sex-Offender Registry Reform

Sex-Offender Registry Reform   Yesterday’s Cleveland.com posted an editorial calling for reform of Ohio’s Sex-Offender Registry. It’s an excellent article briefly explaining the history of the registry and why it needs reform. The registry is a good example of a well intentioned law with unintended consequences. Nobody disagrees with the basic premise behind the registry, […]

Prison Overcrowding

Prison Overcrowding Won’t Fix Itself By Nathan Cindrich  In Ohio, we have a problem with prison overcrowding. As a recent Department of Justice Report shows, Ohio’s prison population ranks sixth among all states. Last year, Ohio only managed to reduce its prison population by 0.4%, which is exactly 210 people. In a state that currently […]

Prisoner Express

Prisoner Express – The bridge between prisoners and the outside world. Prison can be a mind dulling experience for those incarcerated.  The body may be imprisoned, but the mind is free to roam.  Enter Prisoner Express.  This Cornell University outreach encourages inmates to improve themselves through positive expression and provides an outlet for this creativity. […]

HUD Bans Arrest Records for Admissions

HUD Prohibits Use of Arrest Records for Admissions Good news for citizens working on reentry.  HUD will no longer consider arrest records as grounds for denying admission to assisted housing!   This action was prompted by the White House initiative on reintegration and is like the Ohio State legislature’s efforts to“ban-the-box” on State employment applications.  The […]

Federal Prison Sentences for Drug Offenses Grew 36%

A study published by The Pew Charitable Trusts found that prison sentences for federal drug offenders grew by 36% since the passage of tougher laws in 1980’s and 90’s limited parole and set minimum sentences.  Not only are sentences longer, but the number of prisoners receiving probation decreased.   On average sentences were 74.2 months […]