Prisoner Express

Prisoner Express – The bridge between prisoners and the outside world.

Prison can be a mind dulling experience for those incarcerated.  The body may be imprisoned, but the mind is free to roam.  Enter Prisoner Express.  This Cornell University outreach encourages inmates to improve themselves through positive expression and provides an outlet for this creativity.

While most of their efforts are “concerned with reaching into prisons with artistic and educational programs, another important component of our program is helping prisoners reach over the walls to communicate with those of us in the ‘free world'”.  Their goal is “to present prisoners as real people rather than statistics.”  Their goal is to encourage a public discussion about current incarceration models.

Learn more about Prisoner Express and read the writing and art of the incarcerated.   It may be right for someone you know.

Updated: November 5, 2015 — 6:14 am