Sex-Offender Registry Reform

Sex-Offender Registry Reform


Yesterday’s posted an editorial calling for reform of Ohio’s Sex-Offender Registry. It’s an excellent article briefly explaining the history of the registry and why it needs reform. The registry is a good example of a well intentioned law with unintended consequences.

Nobody disagrees with the basic premise behind the registry, but it can be misleading since many of those on the list pose no threat to the general public. Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Judge Donnelly summed up the problem nicely when he said,

“There are serious sex offenders, predators that the public needs to be protected from, and they are diluted in a sea of individuals who don’t pose a threat.”

The Ohio Supreme Court called the registry a “cruel and unusual punishment” for a juvenile caught on this list for life. Personally, I know a young man in his late 20’s trapped for life due to an juvenile indiscretion at a party. He’s married now. A hard working, dedicated man with young children, yet his entry on the registry follows him and his family like a neon sign.

I encourage all to read this article and let your Representative know where you stand on Sex-Offender Registry reform.



Updated: November 20, 2015 — 10:38 pm