Sharing the Story

The work of the Diocesan Ministry to the Incarcerated helps many individuals work towards a relationship with Jesus Christ. Here are just some of the stories of appreciation for this ministry.

ANTHONY: Thank you for the envelopes and the reading glasses. God is good and so are you. Thank you so much! God bless and love.

ADRENE: To whom it may concern: I want to thank all that prayed for me in the lost of my son and all that comforted me and shared their love. Thank you for helping me in such a hard time in my life. I am grateful God has sent me to you guys and I know that my son is with Jesus. I know if I need anyone to ask because God already knows. Thank you!


PAUL: Thank you for contacting my wife. Frankly, I was surprised you even received my letter with no zip code. A father came to see me and we talked for awhile. He mentioned all the work your organization does. I never been in jail before and we are regarded as next to nothing. No one seem to care. That is why your work is so important. It’s hard on our families to cope and also to make ends meet. God bless you all.

CORRINA: May I please request a prayer for my court hearing on the 28th of March. You have been so good to all the women here and I personally wish to thank you!

RONALD: This is not a note asking for something! This is a note of thankfulness! I thank the Lord! I thank the Lord for you also! Continue doing what you are doing. The Lord’s work is the most important!!

KEITH: I would like to thank you again for all you have done for me since I have been here and I would like to ask that you add me to your upcoming prayers as I should be starting trial next month. Again, thank you and God bless you!!